Fortana del Taro Podere Rosa


San Secondo represents its original Home Country. It is located in the surroundings of Pavarara, where once the Taro river flew and the fields are sandy and gravelly mixed together.This is the place in which the excellent Fortana wine is produced. 

This is certainly the most ancient and traditional wine among the ones of the flat land and possesses all the requirements to agree with the today consumer's tastes: It is slightly alcoholic, fresh and sparkling, yielded, quite bitten. 

This excellent and matchless wine agrees perfectly with the dressed pork products, whichn are born in its same conditions: shoulder ham and culatello ham. 

Except for S. Secondo, Parmesan Fortana grows and has a good vinification also in other places, like Soragna, Busseto and other west city states of the flat lands, surrounded by ancient strongholds hundred of year old. 

The output of this typical parmesan wine is unfortunately limited in satisfying the numerous requests. 

This fact makes the wine even more precious and rare.

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Totale dell'ordine

Guareschi Anniversary

This year marks the 110th anniversary of the birth of the writer Giovannino Guareschi.
                             For the occasion, the wines of Peppone and Don Camillo with the labels personally designed by the writer                              directly to your home.

Product: Lambrusco / Dry White
Natural and 0 km wines
6 grapes out of 6 (maximum quality) AIS guide EMILIA-ROMAGNA

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