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Our History

Cantine Bergamaschi srl is located in the country of Busseto, native birth land of Giuseppe Verdi, in the middel of the Food Valley. 
At the beginning of the century, 1909, Mr. Demetrio Bergamaschi, the Grandfather of the current owners bought a tavern starting the production of wine according to the traditional techniques used in this area. 
In the following years, Mr. Pietro Bergamaschi, son of Demetrio, thanks to his passion for local wines, mixed the experience and taste inherited from his father with the knowledge of most recent wine production techniques which were developed in those years. 
The recognised quality of the product and the increasing request of product outside the original business, was the driver for the shift to market oriented production and for the growth of the company. 
At the beginning of the 70's Mr. Pietro Bergamaschi together with his sons Demetrio and Maurizio, developed their own grapes production in the family property known as "The Pink Farm". 
They selected a rare kind of grape, Fortana, which was extinguishing around the country and they could save a limited production of this wine "Pink Farm Fortana" which still today represents one of the most appreciated wine of the catalogue. 

In this country where the climate is mostly humid, warm in the summer and very cold in the winter, where Giuseppe Verdi was born and where he lived for a long period of time writing his major opera since Traviata, here still today, Demetrio and Maurizio Bergamaschi produce typical wines bottled respecting the culture and the tradition of the last century. Their light, fresh, sparkling wines match today like in the past with the typical parmesan cuisine, refined and rich of flavours, but simple and genuine at the same so that all over the world it is known and appreciated as an art.

Guareschi Anniversary

This year marks the 110th anniversary of the birth of the writer Giovannino Guareschi.
                             For the occasion, the wines of Peppone and Don Camillo with the labels personally designed by the writer                              directly to your home.

Product: Lambrusco / Dry White
Natural and 0 km wines
6 grapes out of 6 (maximum quality) AIS guide EMILIA-ROMAGNA

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