Where we are

Cantine Bergamaschi S.r.l.

Str. Rosa, 100, 43011 Samboseto, Busseto PR
Phone: 0524/90132 Fax: 0524/90132 - mail: cantinebergamaschi@fortanadeltaro.it

How to get

We are in the territory called Bassa Parmense, between Soragna and Busseto, in the middle of the land that permitted to the Grande Maestro Giuseppe Verdi to grow up. 
We are in the middle of the triangle Parma - Cremona - Piacenza. 

From Parma take the direction Cremona then turn left to Soragna and Busseto. 

From Piacenza take the direction Cortemaggiore then straight ahead to Busseto e Soragna. 

From Cremona take the direction Parma, then turn right in directio Soragna and Busseto. 

Fidenza is the highway toll nearest, some chilometres far, take direction Soragna then Samboseto.

Guareschi Anniversary

This year marks the 110th anniversary of the birth of the writer Giovannino Guareschi.
                             For the occasion, the wines of Peppone and Don Camillo with the labels personally designed by the writer                              directly to your home.

Product: Lambrusco / Dry White
Natural and 0 km wines
6 grapes out of 6 (maximum quality) AIS guide EMILIA-ROMAGNA

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